Vision of “Finance and Accounting Services” Ltd

By providing top quality and affordable accounting services we are increasing the general quality and availability of accounting services in the region.

Finance and Accounting Services Ltd. provides finance and accounting services in Latvia to natural and legal entities. Our services include accounting auditing, company registration and tax consultation services. Accounting costs of a company which uses our services can be up to 60% less than of a company which chooses to employ its own staff accountant.

Since our expertise is being constantly updated we guarantee provision of high quality services covered by the civil liability insurance. We are periodically audited by auditing companies such as Deloitte & Touch, Ernst & Young, KPMG and Baker Tilly Baltics. It is reflected in the confidence of our clients and their continuously increasing number. At this moment our 16 people team is working with more than 70 legal and private persons.

Our specialists have expertise in working with accounting software such as Navision Dynamics, SAP, Tildes Jumis etc.

To find out more how your company may benefit form Outsourcing, please visit the section "Advantages".