By providing top quality and affordable accounting services we are increasing the general quality and availability of accounting services in the region.

Provide high quality services to the client so that the accounting is in line with the national laws and regulations and the client receives actual and reliable finance information. We customize the accounting procedures according to the needs of each client thus reducing the expenses.


Client – we assist to the client in focusing on the most important issues in the business and taking the best decisions. We are a part of the client but we make our decisions independently.

Employee – is the most valuable asset of our company. The interests of the company are inseparable from the interests of the employee. We believe that respecting our values and achieving our goals will be advantageous both for the company and its employees. We wish to help the employee to achieve his/her maximum potential. When our employees show the highest individual results we, too, can help our clients to achieve the highest possible results.

Quality – our decisions are not questionable. Information provided by us is accurate, timely and clear.

Development – we simplify, standardize and automate our activities whenever possible. We make the complicated simple. We believe that every individual is responsible for his/her continuous development.

Leadership – each of us is a leader and sets an example in our respective area of responsibility. We have clear understanding of our roles in achievement of the company’s goals.

Responsibility – we assume responsibility for achievement of the defined goals and improvement of our systems and efficiency of our employees. We treat the company’s and our clients’ resources the same way as our personal resources.

Respect – we respect our colleagues, clients and other cooperation partners. We treat each other in an open and frank manner. Each of our actions and decisions is based on the values and vision of FAS. We appreciate the best in others thus we are creating a strong and successful working relationship.

Finance and Accounting Services Ltd. has been established in 2007 and is specialized in provision of accounting services in Latvia accordance with the national legislation and International Financial Reporting Standards. While working for companies of diverse organizational structures FAS has gained experience in different accounting, payroll and tax issues.